Pallet Knife Poppies by Mary GiacominiI currently teach two home studio classes for adults in Loveland, Colorado. I teach an Adult watercolor class on Wednesday mornings. This class is intended for beginners to intermediate students. No experience is necessary. I have a maximum of 7 students per class. We learn all kinds of new things during the year including color experiments, drawing lessons, value, composition, textures, types of paper, cropping, critique, themes, glazing, wet on wet, purple underpainting and much more. My goal is to teach my students how to achieve their goal of painting what inspires them.

I also teach two weekly oil painting classes out of my home studio on Thursday mornings.   The 9am-12:30pm class is geared more towards intermediate to advanced students.  We focus on more challenging projects.    The 2pm-5pm oil class is for beginner-intermediate students.  Both classes are small with a limit of 6 students so everyone gets plenty of individual attention.  

One thing I do a bit differently is to teach safer sustainable and healthier methods than the use of traditional nasty solvent often used in oil painting.   My goal as an art instructor is to teach you the basics of oil painting and how to paint your vision. I like to cover a variety of subject matter, techniques and styles that I've learned but also experiment and let the class give ideas of what they would like to learn.

With my home studio classes I do request a one month at a time commitment. Many of my students choose to stay in the class for years. By teaching small classes I can help both the beginner with no experience and more advanced students. You can find more information on my my blog. You can reach me at: 970-613-1258.

If you would like to inquire about a painting or classes I teach please email me at:

Prints & cards can be ordered through Fine Art America.

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